"Stop comparing yourself with others. If they are good at something, you too are good at something else. Self-confidence is not measured by your own capabilities versus that of others, but by your own needs."
― Stephen Richards (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)

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"Surround yourself with people who know your worth. You do not need too many people to make you happy, just a few real ones who appreciate you for exactly who you are."
- Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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parenting tip: talk to your kids about mental illness. tell them they might have a hard time. tell them they can ask for therapy and medication. tell them they aren’t alone. tell them if your family has a history of mental illnesses and which ones. just fucking talk to your kids and be there for them.

Yes please please do this it could save a lot of suffering

I’d of been saved so much hardship if mine cared enough to do this.

^^^^^^^ same

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