Anonymous asked:

5sos won't be disbanded love.. If 1d wasn't for their weed video, then 5sos won't be

novia Answer:

But still, there will be serious consequences for what had happen):

#SaveCalum #DeleteitallforCalum #WeApologizeCalum

what if 5sos wakes up and gets a call from their manager and said “what is this about? I will take serious actions to what have happened” and you can feel their hearts shattered to the ground after years of hard work and perseverance.

All the 5sos fans will cry to sleep everyday thinking that this is just surreal, but looking back.. It was all the fans fault. They didn’t care about Calum’s feelings and continue spreading it like wildfire. They didn’t even have a thought of protecting Calum’s pride and dignity before posting it. They thought it was all going well especially when Cal took the issue maturely. But what if, this is bothering him? What if, he can’t sleep because of it? What if….

#saveCalum and also the band from serious consequences #DeleteItAllForCalum for the sake of his pride and dignity #WeApologizeCalum as its basically the fans fault for spreading it and srsly, dont pretend like nothing happened ♡

My point is please please think about the consequences before doing anything foolish. For now, i just want to know if Calum is okay bc im frigging worried about him the moment the issue was rised.

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